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Carpet Cleaning 

We undertake carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning using a hot water extraction method.  This enables the removal of dust and dirt from deep into the pile of the carpet and which, in our experience, provides a far superior clean to that of dry chemical cleaning methods.

Dampness will attract further dirt, so we advise not to walk on freshly cleaned carpets until they are fully dry. However, if there is no alternative, then only walk on them in carpet slippers or stocking feet. Outside shoes should not be worn.

Drying will be aided by suitable ventilation and we recommend that doors and windows be opened slightly and if tolerable, the heating turned on (or up!)

The drying process can be accelerated using a cold air dryer.  This is particularly useful in those areas where there may be no alternative but to walk on freshly cleaned carpets (e.g. stairs, Rolex Deepsea Replica, hallways etc). Cold air drying can be supplied if requested.

The ultimate choice for the serious professional. The Exel is designed for all types of work from the average domestic job to the dirtiest hotel, restaurant or department store carpet.

Twin heavy duty vacs give the operator maximum versatility, extra vacuum  means drier carpets

Our rolex deepsea replica system uses BIODEGRADABLE CHEMICALS
All substances used are both environmentally sound and
operationally safe to use. Harmful chemicals are avoided

Examples of carpets cleaned by The Shield Group:


Carpet Cleaning 01 Carpet Cleaning 02