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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning describes cleaning services designed for commercial and some domestic properties. It excludes the heavy duty cleaning operations considered in the Industrial Cleaning section.

Office Cleaning is the most obvious starting point, as offices must be kept in a clean and safe condition for the benefit of employees’ health, well-being and company productivity.

To ensure that the regime you adopt meets the standards of cleanliness you require, periodic (or more frequent, depending on individual conditions) cleaning of windows, carpets, floors and ceilings must be considered and we can discuss with you your specific needs in this area.

If your office has a private car park, keeping this free from rubbish and well maintained will be a necessary part of running the office.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer damage from vandalism or other causes, we also offer graffiti cleaning, specialist waste clearances and sanitising services.

Over time, normal wear and tear will dictate that redecoration will be necessary. You can call on Shield to provide this service as well.

In fact, Shield provides the full Office Care package – all you have to do is decide what elements you want and when you want them.