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Drugs Paraphernalia 

To ensure that the clearance of discarded drug materials and equipment including needles and sharps is under taken responsibly we have implemented the following drug policy, which will be strictly adhered to by all Shield Group Specialist Field Operatives whilst on site.

Each request received by Shield for a Drugs Inspection within a property, will be treated and carried out separately to any other works.

No persons will be able to enter the property, no works are to be carried, out until such time our operative is completely satisfied with the inspection and a certificate has been issued accordingly. All precautionary measures will be taken to ensure the safety of our operatives whilst on site.

Our operatives will be supplied with a “Sharps Pack” containing all relevant equipment e.g. protective gloves, overall, mask, tweezers, disinfectant, sharps boxes etc.

Before entering the property all operatives will put on the protective wear contained in the Sharps Pack. All needles etc will be picked up using the tweezers and placed into the relevant box.

Once the inspection is complete, all consumables the operative is wearing will be removed and placed in a protective bag ready to be disposed of when back at our depot. Any needles or drug paraphernalia will be collected and containerised in the relevant ‘Sharps Boxes’ and bought back to our depot to be deposited in our Drug Safe.

Disposal of all Sharps and Drug Paraphernalia will be by incineration and be       undertaken at a registered designated waste site.

We will endeavour to remove all objects, which may cause risk, but cannot be held responsible for any items which may be hidden from view, or in areas which are inaccessible.

Areas to check:
· Behind radiators      
· Behind bath panels
· Behind sink pedestal
· In the toilet cistern
· In the loft
· In any cupboards
· In the furniture
· Window sills
· Kitchen Cupboards

Recommendations to Client/Tenant:
· Removal of all carpets
· Removal of any furniture