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External Cladding Cleaning and Painting

Painting Specification

GraffiShield Coatings are the preferred paint system because they provide all round durable qualities and overall quality protection through such features as rust inhibiters, anti graffiti, U.V protection, solar reflection and anti corrosion products.

Painting Method

Scrape back any failed paint to a firm edge; rub down with a light abrasive paper to ensure edges of any previous paint coatings are firm. Wash down with sugar soap or light detergent, treat any localised mould or algae growth with either a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite or a recommended biological growth deterrent.

Apply one prime coat followed by two application coats of GraffiShield Paint to all sides and allow a minimum of four hours between coats. 

Roof sections are painted with GraffiShield Solar Reflective Silver or a Bitumastic Paint

Before:                                                          After: