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Grounds & Estate Maintenance

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Grounds & Estate Maintenance 

All property needs to be kept in a well-maintained condition to meet health and safety requirements and to ensure that buildings and attached land is presentable.

Commercially or publicly owned property will benefit from the maintenance and refurbishment services offered by Shield.

Outside, any planted area needs to be planted with appropriate plants at the right time of year  must be weeded and prepared for planting and maintained on a regular basis.

Grassed areas will need regular cutting especially in spring, summer and autumn months, and long grass near tree trunks, for example, will need strimming. Paths and other paved areas must be cleaned and maintained to avoid accidents and preserve their looks.

Trees and shrubs will require trimming and replacing (if required) and generally kept in good condition.  And for safety as well as security, hedges and fences will need proper maintenance.

Shield is equipped and qualified to provide maintenance for parks and play areas, ensuring the safety of children and those enjoying the outdoors.