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Painting & Decorating 


Where necessary all surfaces will be stripped of old wallpaper using either an electric wallpaper stripper or by warm water and sponge to dissolve and remove dirt. When using the steam wallpaper stripper all care will be taken to ensure that the correct temperature is used so that to avoid the cracking of any plaster  underneath the existing wallpaper and therefore need replacing. Stripped surfaces will then be wiped down to remove any dirt or old paste. New paper will be hung using the correct adhesive (i.e. paste) following the recommended manufacturers hanging specifications.


All surfaces will be wiped down with warm water and sponge to remove any heavy soil marks. The surface will then be coated with the emulsion paint and left to dry. A second coat may be necessary depending on the colour applied to the surface.

Gloss Work


1. Wipe down all surfaces removing any heavily soiled marks.

2. With a medium course sandpaper, sand down all surfaces so that the old gloss paint has been removed. You know men like cartier replica watches very much now.

3. Wipe over with warm water.

4. Apply masking tape to the upper and lower levels of surface to be painted     (i.e. if surface is skirting board the masking tape will be required to the top and bottom of the skirting to prevent gloss paint going onto walls or floor surfaces. Top Cartier Replica Watches UK Store.)

5. Apply one coat of gloss paint and leave to dry. A second coat may be        necessary depending on the colour applied to the surface.