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Paving Cleaning & Chewing Gum Removal 

Paving Cleaning
The method used will depend on whether a general clean or an intensive/restorative clean is required.

General Cleaning
This will consist of a simple wash down with high-pressure cold water in a general sweeping motion and is designed to remove surface dirt and debris only.

Intensive/Restorative Cleaning
This will involve the brush application of detergents, diluted according to the     manufacturers instructions. A suitable dwell time is then allowed before the area is washed using high-pressure hot water. The water pressure, temperature and height of the washing nozzle to the ground will be adjusted to a level suitable to the  substrate being cleaned in order to avoid causing possible damage to the substrate. Pressures are adjustable from 50 to 3000 psi, with water temperatures adjustable to 150 degrees C.

Chewing Gum Removal
This will be undertaken using high-pressure hot water washing to melt the chewing gum from the substrate. In most cases, the gum will dissolve completely. If loose residues remain, these will be collected and properly disposed of.
In some cases, a residual stain could remain. This can be chemically treated if  required although we cannot guarantee removal of all residues.

When cleaning paved surfaces where sand or other loose fill joints exist, the loose fill material will be removed, unavoidably during the washing operation. Joints can be re-instated with kiln dried sand at a later date, if required, at additional cost.

Where joints are mortared, we take every care to avoid damaging such joints. However, we cannot be held responsible for the removal of material where defective joints exist.