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Pest Control/Fumigation 

1.      Site Arrival 
 - The technician(s) will report as appropriate to site Security Personnel or to an authorised Manager or his representative. Technicians will also report appropriately to the Heads of relevant departments visited.

 - The technician(s) will inform these authorities of the site areas they intend to visit, in order that they may be accounted for in an emergency.

 - The technician(s) will take note of and comply with safety signs, safety instructions and rules for contractors working on site and those to maintain and protect hygiene and food safety.

2.       Pest Control Inspections and Treatments
 -The technician(s) will inspect the contracted buildings, premises and surrounds of the site, searching for the relevant pests and signs of their activity.
 - The technician(s) will make appropriate risk assessments and decide the pest control treatments for the specified pests and will place pesticides accordingly.
 - All Pesticides to be used have been approved by Government under the Control of Pesticides Regulations, for safety, effectiveness and humaneness in use.
 - These pesticides have also been assessed for suitability and safety in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.
 - All pesticides are used in accordance with their specific label instructions.
 - All pesticides are used without risk to the health, safety and welfare of the technician(s) concerned, our customers and their staff and other people.
 - Where necessary customers’ staff and other people are excluded from treatment areas by hazard warning notices and tapes. After certain pesticide spray treatments, a period of ventilation of the treated areas may be needed, before re-occupation.

3.      Subsequent Inspections and Treatments
 - Further inspections and treatments will continue to be made:
           - to ensure clearance of pest infestation
           - to deal with continuing infestation
           - as part of a regular pest prevention and control service.

4.        Waste Disposal
Waste from pest control treatments will be removed from the site by the Technician(s) and disposed of in accordance with the Special Waste, Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) and other pertinent Regulations.