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Protective Treatments 

These fall into the following categories: -

  • Sacrificial Wax Treatments
  • Permanent Treatments

Graffishield Anti Graffiti Protection

Graffishield Anti Graffiti Protection products are fully reversible sacrificial silicon free wax emulsions that act as a barrier to prevent graffiti media from penetrating the substrates to which they are applied. Graffishield Anti Graffiti Protection products are fully permeable  allowing the underlying substrate to breathe naturally with a moisture transmission of 95%. The products are without sheen, and are invisible in normal use. Any graffiti subsequently applied simply sits on the surface of the wax, without penetrating or damaging the surface substrate.

GraffiShield is available in two types; GraffiShield Standard or GraffiShield Plus.  GraffiShield Standard is water based while GraffiShield Plus is white spirit based. Both products perform the same function although GraffiShield Plus has the additional advantage of preventing marker pens, ball pens etc. from writing and fly posters from properly adhering. GraffiShield Plus is therefore more suitable for  application to hard non porous or painted surfaces which are more susceptible to marker pen graffiti. GraffiShield Plus is not as UV stable as GraffiShield Standard and in time, a change in appearance may occur.

Graffishield Anti Graffiti Protection treatments are applied in one of several ways, depending upon the type of surface being coated, the metreage and the site location. This will either be by brush, roller, low-pressure portable 'pump-up' pressure sprayer or our own specially adapted spray equipment. The latter uses a standard 15CFM portable compressor feeding a 10 litre capacity pressure pot which combines as the coating reservoir. The coating passes, under pressure, from the reservoir to the spray gun and thence to the surface via a modified 1.8mm nozzle tip. This enables the application, quantity and spread of the coating to be precisely controlled.

Removal of graffiti from Graffishield Anti Graffiti Protected surfaces is achieved using nothing more than a simple hot water pressure wash which is used to simply melt and remove the wax coating and the graffiti applied to it. The vandalised sector/area is then retreated with Graffishield Anti Graffiti Protection in order to maintain the integrity and performance of the treatment. This is especially important where one of our Service Plans is operated (please contact The Shield Group for further information about our Service Plans).