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Under Floor Voids 

The void area between the floor decking and the concrete base will be cleaned   using dry vacuum cleaning methods. We will use dry wipe cloths to wipe over all cabling, trunking and all associated surfaces with-in the under floor void area   located within eight switch rooms.

Before starting work we will presume that our field operatives will undertake an on site safety briefing with regard to the specific site layout. We will liase with the client's site supervisor with regard to the work we are undertaking and of course report any problems that may be encountered through out its duration.

As it is necessary to lift all the floor section panels to carry out the work we ask our field operatives to restrict and contain the working environment to an area not exceeding 5 metre square at any one time. The work area would be isolated and sectioned off by portable barriers. These would not only restrict any other on site persons from entering the work place but also act a method of safety awareness to any one in the vicinity.
All dust and debris collected from the cleaning operation would be contained and placed into plastic bags these would be retained for inspection.