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Window Cleaning 

These works are undertaken by hand. Diluted detergents are applied to assist the cleaning operation by breaking down atmospheric pollutants.  Using cloths, sponges or soft brushes the surfaces are agitated to dissolve and remove dirt and general pollutants. The area is then rinsed by adjustable hot water washing equipment. 

The water fed telescopic poles reach up to 65ft and deliver pure water via a variety of brush heads depending on the surfaces to be cleaned. Pure water possesses a strong urge to return to its former impure state, in so doing it absorbs back into itself impurities left behind by the elements.  Because of the use of 100% pure water the system produces a finish which is spotless and streak free. 

From a health and safety point of view, the telescopic poles system eliminates the need for high reach access equipment. Operators work from the safety of the ground, which also maintains the  privacy of the buildings occupants and reduces both costs and disturbance on site.

Our operatives work from a fully fitted van, using high quality laboratory grade pure water which is the key to the cleaning replica handbags process.

Environmentally sound, this system uses no chemicals or detergents which is an important consideration for on going maintenance cleaning.